For man’s only weapon is courage that flinches not from the gates of Hell itself, and against such not even the legions of Hell can stand. —Skulls in the Stars

The world is mostly our own- the 16th century, with a few changes. It is the dawn of an age of technology, but older magics and horrors still hang on in the shadows, not yet killed by the March of Science.

It is an age of killers and heroes, of spiritualism and scientific revolution- a time when Humanity is at the crossroads of history.

Mysterious conspiracies and evil plots abound. Lurking in the shadows are malevolent enemies working in secret, pulling strings and influencing events. While the world may be witnessing the dawn of a new Age of Reason, there is much that remains mysterious and hidden, defying the rationality and logic of the new philosophies: Magic is real, and creatures of the occult and supernatural exist.
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The ‘Wanderers’, as they are known by some, are not an official order of any sort, but a collection of very special souls— some pure, some still striving— who have been touched by the rangy Puritan, known as Kane, and begun a journey that will lead them from the highest mountains to the darkest jungles. Some may have fought beside Kane in a previous battle, others may have been rescued by him, or simply encountered Kane and been inspired by his presence.

Whatever the circumstances, after your hero’s encounter with Solomon Kane, he was visited in his sleep by a strange African shaman who he eventually came to know as N’Longa. N’Longa seemed to know Kane well, and is connected to him somehow- at least that is the feeling you get from the strange dreams.

N’Longa has nudged your character onward, slowly and subtly in some cases, with near-perfect directions in others, until your hero finds himself in the bustling port-city of Nouvelle-Orléans, where our tale begins…

Book I- Chapter Four: Murders Most Foul

Book I- Chapter Three:

Book I- Chapter Two: Lair of the Ghost Lizards

Book I- Chapter One: To the Grey City

A Path Accurst

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