Abe'lard Pinault



  • Agility: D8
  • Smarts: d6
  • Spirit: D4
  • Strength: D6
  • Vigor: D8


  • Charisma: 0
  • Pace: 30 feet
  • Parry: (2+1/2 fighting)= 6
  • Toughness: (2+1/2 vigor + Armor)= 7


  • Vow – Must remain godly. NO drinking, smoking or fornication


  • Boating (Agl): D8
  • Fighting (Agl): d8
  • Knowledge (Smarts)(Smuggling): d6
  • Throwing (Agl): d12
  • Swimming (Agl): d4
  • Streetwise (Smarts): d4


  • Brace of Daggers (6)
  • Dagger: Str + d4 Damage; Range: 15’;- no attack modifier/30’; -2 attack modifier/60’; -4 attack modifier; 1 RoF
  • Leather Outfit: AR 1

Abe’Lard Pinault is the French born son of African emigrants. His parents, along with many other Africans were brought back to France by French Evangalists. They dropped their heathen names and took up the names Jean and Ann Pinault. They worked the grain fields on a plantation outside of the small town of Chimille, several hundred miles outside of Paris. The Pinaults were very devout, as were all of their 5 children. Abe’Lard, though religious as well was the black sheep of the family often getting into mischief. By the time he was twelve he was drinking, fighting and ignoring his chores with the older boys of the village, and whenever one made a joke of his heritage he was quick to fight, win or lose. Despite it all he wore a tiny wooden cross that his father carved from a tree in far away Africa, and read his bible diligently.

Eventually his parents tired of his rowdy behavior, and vowing that he would burn in everlasting hell if he didn’t change his ways, cast him out, telling him never to return. Abe’lard crushed, for even though he was wild, he held his parents strong beliefs. Having nowhere to go he struck out for Paris, and in those cruel streets became a common thief, frequenting the lowest, and grimiest dens of cut purses and bootlegger. Through it all he professed his faith and would often feel pangs of guilt, which quickly disappeared whenever a drop of wine passed his lips. He did this all by the age of 15. It was there he found his calling, and signed on as a deckhand on the pirate ship The Wilted Rose.", an notorious ship in league with an underground network of criminals known as the black hand. Moving through back alleys and deserted waterways in the darkest night became his trade, and the swift and silent knife became his tool of choice.

It was here that he cut his teeth as a pirate and smuggler. Traveling across the old world and eventually into the new. There was no crime that he and his brethren shied away from, be it murder, kidnapping, rape or smuggling; Abe’lard took part in it all. Every now and again he would repent, to the amusement of his cohorts, claiming that he could feel the fires of hell at his heels, only to revert to his old self after one stout drink. It was on his last raid that he discovered his chance at true redemption. What they thought was a simple trader, in fact carried Solomon Cain. He fought them like a man possessed and took down many of the pirates forcing them to retreat. In a moment of clarity, Abe’lard saw in Cain the shadow of the evangelist that so inspired his parents. He saw more than a man, he saw an angel of retribution and mercy incarnate.

A divine fervor overtook him, and instead of fleeing with his companions, Abe’lard threw down his weapon and dropped to his knees weeping. He prayed to the heavens for forgiveness, and vowed to accept the lord’s divine judgement, even as cursing sailors tied a noose around his neck and prepared to hang him. He did not struggle. He only asked that Cain bless him before he met his end. Cain did more than that he cut the rope with one swoop of his sword and saved the pirates life over the protestations of the angry crew. Cain told them all that he saw redemption in the heart of the pirate. As the ship continued to the Americas and the city of New Orleans, which Abe’lard had visited more than once on one of his clandestine journeys, he ministered to him, day after day.

Under Cain’s command Abe’lard disavowed drinking, gambling and ungodly vices of any kind. He vowed to continue his personal road to redemption even as it meant walking away from the world he once knew. Even though it meant being marked as a traitor by the band of pirates he once pillaged with. Now at the age of 25, Abe’lard was reborn. He always carries a simple wooden cross around his neck and prays with it whenever temptation comes upon him. He one day dreams of returning home to his parents, having proving that he has changed, but he is unsure of his ability to keep faith, and struggles with his inner demons everyday.

Abe'lard Pinault

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