Jimbri Catahoula

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5 foot 8 inches mix of Afro-Caribbean and Chitimacha Indian. Well built and moves with practiced precision. Has his father’s dreadlocks and wears the Chitimachan regalia.


Race: Human

Agility D8
Smarts D6
Spirit D6
Strength D6
Vigor D6
Derived Atributes
Charisma 0
Pace 30 feet
Parry 2 + 3, Total 5
Toughness 2 + 3 Vigor + 1 Armor, Total 6
  • Curious (Major)
  • Cocky (Minor)
  • Illiterate (Minor)
Skill Die Note
Tracking D8 -
Throwing D6 -
Survival D6 -
Stealth D8 -
Shooting D4 -
Notice D6 -
Fighting D6 -
Knowledge D4 Haunted/Mystic Indian Places
Alertness (+2 Notice)
  • Chitimacha (Chee Tee Mak A) Tribal Leathers (Armor +1)
  • Chitimacha Tomahawk (STR +D6 Damage, Range 3/6/9, Rate 1)
  • Chitimacha Flint Spear (STR +D6 Damage, Parry +1, Reach +1, Two-Handed)
  • Flintlock Pistol (Damage 2D6+1, Range 5/10/20, Rate 1, Reload 2)
  • Chitimacha Longbow (2D6 Damage, Range 12/24/48, Rate 1)

Half Indian (Chitimacha), Half Caribbean (father was a pirate) Scout that aided Solomon Kane in locating the burial place of the Natchez Firebird that was causing issues in the LA area. Prefers Chitimacha weapons (spear, longbow, tomahawk, knife), but uses his fathers matchlock pistol.

Concept: Hunter/Native/Pirate/Explorer of Mystic Items

Jimbri Catahoula

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