Below are the skills available in The Savage World of Solomon Kane. You’ll notice that most skills are very generic to keep the game simple and fast-moving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re firing a pistol or a musket or even a bow, the Shooting skill sums up your ability to aim and fire whatever weapon your hero is accustomed to.

• Boating (Agility)

• Climbing (Strength)

• Driving (Agility)

• Fighting (Agility)

• Gambling (Smarts)

• Guts (Spirit)

• Healing (Smarts)

• Intimidation (Spirit)

• Investigation (Smarts)

• Knowledge (Smarts)

• Lockpicking (Agility)

• Notice (Smarts)

• Persuasion (Spirit)

• Repair (Smarts)

• Riding (Agility)

• Shooting (Agility)

• Stealth (Agility)

• Streetwise (Smarts)

• Survival (Smarts)

• Swimming (Agility)

• Taunt (Smarts)

• Throwing (Agility)

• Tracking (Smarts)


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