SOMETIMES a hero has to resort to dirty tricks to gain an advantage over a foe. Fortunately, The Savage World of Solomon Kane lets you do all manner of stunts with a single mechanic: Tricks.

Heroes often attempt fancy maneuvers or clever tricks to distract their foes and set them up for deadly follow-up attacks. This might include throwing sand in an opponent’s eyes, ducking between a tall foe’s legs to stab him in the back, and so on. Tricks do not include weapon feints—those are already “assumed” in a character’s Fighting and Parry scores.

  • To perform the trick, the player must first describe exactly what his character is doing. Next he makes an opposed Strength, Agility, or Smarts roll against his foe.

The GM must determine which is more appropriate based on the player’s description of the trick. For instance, yanking a rug might use Strength versus the defender’s Agility.

If the character is successful, his opponent is distracted and suffers –2 to his Parry until his next action. With a raise, the foe is distracted and Shaken as well.

These penalties do not stack. Tricking a foe twice has no additional effect.

Here are some examples of typical tricks. Unless otherwise stated, these are Agility tricks.

• Appel: A sudden stamp of the foot to distract your opponent.

• Backflip: Using an obstacle, such as barrels, a cart, or even a wall, to help you flip over an opponent.

• Balesta: A sudden hop forward, either as the prelude to an attack or to catch an opponent off guard.

• Beat: Slapping an opponent’s blade out of the way to leave his body open to an attack.

• Bind: Encircling an opponent’s blade with your own. This move is designed to prevent him from moving his blade while you slide yours forward along his.

• Blind: This is achieved by throwing sand in a foe’s face or flipping a cloak over his head. Slashing his forehead so he bleeds into his eyes works too (as a trick it does no damage and so doesn’t require a Called Shot to the head).

• Corps a Corps: French for “body to body.” This usually involves giving your opponent a shove to unbalance him.

• Flash (Smarts): A lady can distract a foe by flashing her cleavage or thigh. Only tends to work on men.

• Flick: A sudden movement of the blade designed to distract a foe.

• Pull the Rug (Strength): Yanking a rug out from under a foe’s feet (this trick can work against more than one opponent).

• Who’s That? (Smarts): The oldest trick in the book, but it still works.


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