Bentrue Toughe


AKA Luke ahat Mae
Str– 14 (2)
Dex – 19 (4)
Con – 12 (1)
Int. – 10 (0)
Wis. – 17 (3)
Cha – 17 (3)


Hit Dice: 9 (3D8+1) roll 2d8+1
AC: 15

Race: human

Class(es): Rogue

Level: 3

Deity: none

Alignment: CN

Languages:Common, Dwarvish

Background: Charlatan: Scam – I run sleight-of-hand cons on street corners.

Personality Trait

  • I’m a born gambler who can’t resist taking a risk for a potential payoff.
  • I lie about almost everything, even when there’s no good reason to.
  • I am a free spirit— no one tells me what to do. (Chaotic)
  • I fleeced the wrong person and must work to ensure that this individual never crosses paths with me or those I care about.
  • I’m always in debt. I spend my ill-gotten gains on decadent luxuries faster than I bring them in..

Feature : False Identity
You have created a second identity that includes documentation, established acquaintances, and disguises that allow you to assume that persona. Additionally, you can forge documents including official papers and personal letters, as long as you have seen an example o f the kind o f document or the handwriting you are trying to copy.

Light Armor
Simple Weapons
Hand crossbows

  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth
    Disguise Kit
    Forgery Kit
    Thieves Tools

At 1st level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or one of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with thieves’ tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.
At 6th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies (in skills or with thieves’ tools) to gain this benefit.

  • skills have expertise

Sneak Attack
Beginning at 1st level, you know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe’s distraction. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon. You don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet o f it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll. The amount of the extra damage increases as you gain levels in this class, as shown in the Sneak Attack column of the Rogue table.

Thieves’ Cant
During your rogue training you learned thieves’ cant, a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation. Only another creature that knows thieves’ cant understands such messages. It takes four times longer to convey such a message than it does to speak the same idea plainly. In addition, you understand a set of secret signs and symbols used to convey short, simple messages, such as whether an area is dangerous or the territory of a thieves’ guild, whether loot is nearby, or whether the people in an area are easy marks or w ill provide a safe
house for thieves on the run.

Cunning Action
Starting at 2nd level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Roguish Archetype
You hone your skills in the larcenous arts. Burglars, bandits, cutpurses, and other criminals typically follow this archetype, but so do rogues who prefer to think of themselves as professional treasure seekers, explorers, delvers, and investigators. In addition to improving your agility and stealth, you learn skills useful for delving into ancient ruins, reading unfamiliar languages, and using magic items you normally couldn’t employ
Fast Hands
Starting at 3rd level, you can use the bonus action granted by your Cunning Action to make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check, use your thieves’ tools to disarm a trap or open a lock, or take the Use an Object action.

Second – Story Work
When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain the ability to climb faster than normal; climbing no longer costs you extra movement. In addition, when you make a running jump, the distance you cover increases by a number of feet equal to your Dexterity modifier.

Equipment: Money – 15 gp
Thieves tools
Leather Armor – AC:11
Shortbow w/quiver of (20) Arrows
Dagger (s) – 2
Burglars Pack – Includes a backpack, a bag of 1,000 ball bearings, 10 feet of string, a bell, 5 candles, a crowbar, a hammer, 10 pitons, a hooded lantern, 2 flasks of oil, 5 days rations, a tinderbox, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it.
A set of fine clothes,
a disguise kit,
tools of the con of your choice (a deck of marked cards)
a belt pouch


Bentrue Toughe

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